Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ivanka's Tiny Head

Has anyone else noticed that Ivanka Trump has an incredibly small head? Just look at the pictures of her with any other person. It's amazing! She doesn't even look natural. Maybe small hands and heads run in the family, eh? The only thing I have that runs is my nose.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

product names

The infinite monkey theorem seems to apply to the drug (and other) company product names I see advertised on television. There is a problem though. Without adding additional letters to the alphabet, every combination of letters will be exhausted. There are just so many ways to arrange the letters to form new names for inane drugs. It's a finite universe of choices. Possibly, using various numbers sprinkled willy-hilly might be the answer to the looming problem. That would allow the various company names and products to continue forever. Okay! Problem solved!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Disappointing Eclipse

When I was a young lad, say around eight or nine years of age, I participated in the Rock Ridge Lake (in Denville) swim team. At the onset of summer, all the swimmers were advised to swim twenty-five laps a day in the laned areas between two rafts. As such, every day (weather permitting) I swam my laps. I noticed many other members of the team did not...but my job was to swim my own laps. I did.

Near the end of summer there was a gala event held at the clubhouse. My mother even attended! Each swim club member was called to the front of the room and given a team jacket. It was a wonderful green, zippered jacket with the Rock Ridge logo emblazened on it. There were jackets for the Senior swimmers, the Junior swimmers and also the Junior-Juniors (one of which I was at the time).

Ah...the glory of it all!

My name was not called. I was so disappointed...and probably cried at not receiving a jacket. My mother enquired as to my omission and was told the jackets were only given to members of the club who swam their laps. "I did!" I wailed. "I swam every day and some of those kids really didn't!"

So...it seems I was supposed to tell the lifeguard or coach every day when I completed my laps. I was never told to tell anyone anything! I just swam my laps but there was no record of my efforts.

Such was the disappointment of today's solar eclipse. I had made a viewing box and was ready for the darkness. The internet said there would a 92% coverage of the sun...Mars and many stars would be visible in the daytime! How exciting! The darkening crept in to the extent that it felt like evening. I was certain that night was coming in the morning! Then, I received a phone call from my son. "That's it!" he said. And...that WAS it. No stars. No Mars. No blackness of night. Gradually, the day brightened and all was normal again.

I threw the eclipse-viewing box in the trash and stood...dumbfounded and disappointed. Just like when I didn't receive my Junnior-Junior club jacket.

No eclipse (just a phony excuse for one)...and no jacket.

Saturday, April 22, 2017


Don't these two women look oh-so-similar?

Depending on each's other photos, they could be twins.
Actually, in this picture, I think Trump looks more like Jenner than Jenner.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Electoral College...Do the right thing!

I have always challenged the sense of having the Electoral College as the group choosing the President of the United States. It seems it was initially instituted because the only voters (white male landowners) were considered sufficiently uneducated to make a proper decision for President. It was required to have the few Electors make the choice, based on their own experience. of the country and the world.

Now! Now I realize it was wrong of me. These people (the Electors) can alter their allegiances to state guidelines and vote in the most qualified candidate for President. That's why the Electors are there! They can (and should) toss Trump aside...especially considering the raft of morons that Trump has slated for government positions.

I urge the Electors to do the right thing and put Hillary Clinton in the White House! She won the popular vote and the Electors should use their common sense when voting. Trump is a failed businessman and buffoon.... He has no experience or knowledge of government or the world, he's a bigot, a sexist, etc, etc.

Sure, it would be a difficult change but it would be temporary and must be done!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump a genius???

Christie and Giuliani are calling Trump a genius for avoiding paying taxes for as much as 18 years! What kind of genius does it take to lose $916,000,000 in one year? How many other years did Trump's "genius" cost him untold millions?

Why doesn't Trump release his taxes, school records and health records? Could it really be that he has a lot to hide and just wants to "wait it out" and hope no one notices what a sleaze he is?

Would average Americans be geniuses if they didn't pay their fair share of taxes too?

Besides, Trump probably has nothing to do with his taxes. That chore would fall upon his legions of accountants...so he would not qualify  as genius...maybe his acountants, eh?

Why is Trump not in the news every day for his upcoming rape (of a thirteeen=year-old girl) trial? How does he avoid constant media attention for all the accusations of sexual misconduct? Just because he denies it all is not enough reason to give him a pass. Hillary's campaign should be all over him for the rape charge! What are they waiting for?

We might as well vote in Jed Clampett.