Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fall City Diner

Here in Fall City, there's a little, low-end restaurant that has been in business for as long as I've lived in the area (since the early eighties). I recall it was called "The Other Place", then "The Fall City Grill". The owner of the Fall City Grill abandoned the restaurant several months ago and now it's re-opened under the ownership of the same people who own the burger joint, "Small Fries". 

My point? 

First impressions in a restaurant are keys to success! My first impression, on trying the new Fall City Diner was woeful. There is no real menu, other than a typed list of burgers and Costco-bought meatloaf and such. While the place is certainly brighter and cleaner than ever before, that's the end of the positives! The food is not good (except for the fries), the portions are meager and the prices are unwarranted. It's not likely I'll be going there again any time soon. That's too bad because I live so close to the place. I would not recommend anyone should ever go there based on my own first impression. Aside from the fries, I can imagine the new owners might develop a good clientele if they allow customers to go to Small Fries and drive over to the new "Diner" so they can sit inside while eating their burgers. 

Alas! I was so hopeful there might be a decent and affordable alternative to the other places in town. But my first not good.

I should mention that during the period of time the business sat idle with a real estate sign outside, I tried contacting three real estate companies and even called the owner of the building with the hope that I might take over the business and serve some fine, healthy foods. However, not a single person even responded to my calls. The result...we have a sleazy, low-class new place to eat in town.


  1. We didn't get to try it out because while we were seated by one waitress at 3pm on a Sunday, we then were told by another waitress that the grill had just closed.

  2. Well, I haven't been back to the place since my first attempt (even though I live right around the corner). I believe they serve mainly Costco-type food anyway.