Friday, January 17, 2014

Some US Wars

Let’s see…here are some our wars...

There was the Revolutionary War (I guess the US won that one although about 25,000 troops died)
Civil War (don’t know the actual winner of that but 213,000 soldiers died)
WW1 (we win! However more than 53,000 soldiers died.
War on crime (we lose...deaths unknown but thousands incarcerated)
WW11 (we win! but we lose 405,000 of our that really a win?)
Korean War (no winner…so we lose...also, we lost almost 36,000 of our children)
War on Poverty (we lose...casualties? We all lose)
War on Cancer (we lose...see above)
War on Drugs (we lose...see above)
War on Gangs (we lose...see above)
Viet Nam War (we lose) and 58,000 Americans died)
War in Afghanistan...about 3,400. (we lose...we call this part of the war on terror...what a joke! We lost more than 8,000 of our children for nothing...a war based on lies!) We attacked because the Taliban did not turn over Osama Bin they had him ready to hand over! What a farce! Well WE did not attack them...Bush did. This is entirely Bush's war! I hope people can remember that!
Iraq War (we lose...see above...but around 4,800) We attacked Iraq for what? Another farce! This is another war of Bush's. I hope people can remember that.
So far, we're up to more than 2.7 million deaths and casualties! 2.7 million of our children!
The above casualties are just estimates and do not include "collateral damage"....the hundreds of thousands (millions?) of non-military people we have killed...nor do they include any long-lasting effects on all parties. 

There are lots of other wars but we (in the US) just don’t seem to fare well in many.


There is an interesting aside though…
Who wins or loses a war depends on one’s perspective.
To the conservative, wealthy right, I imagine they consider the following list as all wins…
War against personal freedom (win)
War against the poor (win)
War against civil/equal rights (win)
War against women (win)
War against minorities (win)
War against health care (win)
War against decent retirement (win)
War against public education (win)
War against information (win)
War against privacy (win)
War against immigration (win)
War against fair wages (win)

There are SO many other wars the conservative, wealthy right is either clearly winning or is far ahead that they must consider it a great time to be an American, eh?

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