Thursday, February 20, 2014

Birth Defects In Rural Washington Stun Experts

So...the experts are stunned?!
You'll have to Google up the original story which I read on Huffington Post. (I'm unable to add any comments to the story.)
However, it seems extremely obvious what the cause of all these, similar birth defects must be...
The Hanford nuclear facility! Duh?!
There are tanks of nuclear waste, known to be leaking into the ground. I think it's a Super Fund cleanup site. There is no solution. It just gets worse!
The Hanford site is sitting almost on top of an active geological fault.
Of course there will be negative results from this horrible, government fiasco. They have contaminated the entire area with radio-active waste-water...pretty much, forever!
The stunned experts are probably all doing the government's bidding. They will certainly not admit responsibility while more and more birth defects occur and the incidence of various cancers spreads throughout the area.
Experts, my ass! The very same experts are probably stunned that the sun comes up each morning.

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