Sunday, June 3, 2018

Raging River Cafe

Oh the price of a simple breakfast! For the first time in years, I went out for the little, old eatery in Fall City. After waiting a half hour for the place to open, I had 2 eggs with sausage and hash-browns, tomato juice and coffee. The total for this simple meal for one was $17.79. That's just plain too much! (Uh...there's also that 20% tip which I added to the $17.79 so it ended up costing just over $20 for...what?) I tried adding a review on Yelp to make potential customers aware of the high price of breakfast at the Raging River but Yelp wanted me to sign in...and agree to their terms. I decided not to risk subjecting myself to whatever those terms might be. Instead, I'm just posting my review here:

"I just had breakfast there. The food and service was fine but...$17.79 for 2 eggs and a tomato juice eating there by myself!? That's just a bit out of line and I won't be returning."

So...there it is.

Maybe that's why fast food places like McDonalds stay in business... or maybe that's why I seldom buy my meals out.

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