Monday, October 11, 2010

The United States...Pitiful

Ugh! Inequality in tax burdens, inequality in military service requirements, inequality in legal decisions, inequality in health care, inequality in goes on and on and on. This country seems to have completely disintegrated (as though it were ever really integrated). It's pitiful and shameful. Money runs everything. It's all about money. Of the seems they're all corrupt, seeking power (money), personal glory and (did I say) money. They seem to all be dishonest, portraying themselves however they must in order to secure the votes of the ignorant populace. After being elected, the entire effort is geared to being re-elected. Thieves, all of them! Liars! It's time for real change...not politcal, rhetorical change...real change. It's time to revamp this country before it falls into iniquity with the rest of "civilizations" that existed for the benefit of a select few at the top.

With two political parties having differences so far apart that there can never be any real compromise on any relevant issues, it's a hopeless situation. Each party continues to contact its own members with scare tactics and negative information. What a total waste of effort! They're both preaching to already-believing choirs and having no effect or input among the opposing camps. Finding a middle ground and working together is the impossible requirement to alleviate the ills of this country...but it just won't happen. We're in a death spiral, I suspect.

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