Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My initial comments about gravity...it (gravity) is a pressing force, not a pulling force. For this to be true, all the unknown "material" of space, whether one calls it dark matter, or dark energy or something else (like ether), must be the source of gravity. It must be what holds everything together, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to stars, planets and all other material in our universe. To consider gravity as a pressing force means that all the matter with which we're familiar probably just wandered into an already-occupied area and has been acted upon by this "dark matter" for all these eons. Our universe would have to be held within its bounds by something outside and there would likely be countless other universes such as ours. Considering that, there would be greater pressure at the leading edge than the trailing edge of Earth...since we would be plowing through "something" rather than through empty space. There is...greater pressure at the Earth's leading edge. My own simple experiments, conducted daily for six months, indicate .6% to 1.1% greater gravity at the leading edge of Earth.

(I'll get back to this...)

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