Monday, August 1, 2011

Super Congress?

Is the creation of a Super Congress even constitutional? Isn't it the intent that the Super Congress will have final say in budget issues, bypassing the duly-elected representatives of the People? Isn't this taxation without representation? Is it a backwards step in a democracy? Also, what ever happened to the Republican demand for Smaller Government? Establishing a Super Congress is a definite expansion of government!

Give those in power an inch...just the slightest opening...and they'll exploit it. A super Congress seems to be a step in the wrong direction. Another chance for our government to strip the populace of self-dignity and inalienable rights.

So...I get an email from the Democrats with an attachment of President Obama supposedly explaining "The Deal". I didn't watch the video but, whatever it is, I'm not happy about it.

There should be no freeking "Deal" to pay our debts. There should be no freeking compromise with the slimy Republicans to pay our debts. The Republicans got us all into the shit hole in the first place and somehow they've managed (again) to avoid a fair tax rate for the wealthy and corporate thieves. I hate them and want them all to disappear from this section of the solar system.

Here's my most recent note to the White House:
Maybe it's not too late. Maybe President Obama can wake up from his delirium and call on Congress to reject "The Deal" Maybe President Obama can grow a backbone in the next few hours, forget about his own, selfish, political posturing for re-election and do the right thing before this economic catastrophe becomes reality. What a freeking wimp! While I would never cast a vote for any of the thieving Republican extortionists, I'm certainly ashamed of President Obama's miserable performance! I hope, Mr. President, you're ashamed, yourself. (Maybe it's not too late to be a man, eh?)

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