Monday, October 17, 2011

Occupy Fall City

I wonder about the "Occupy" phenomenon. If everyone in my town of Fall City were to gather along the river and peacefully demand changes in the economy and in government...what good would come of it? Certainly, everyone living around these parts must be included in the 99% but what of it? With the current state of affairs, the result of a sit-in in Fall City would likely be the same as a sit-in in Times Square, the rest of the world or even in my own bathroom. ..nothing would happen.

People all around the country are experiencing personal, financial meltdown. There are few jobs to go around, health care is non-existent, foreclosures are rampant, savings are eroding and the future looks bleak. However, just gathering together and carrying signs for a disinterested media to notice seems pointless...unless...

...unless a very large proportion of the 99% joins in. Unless those masses escalate their efforts. I think it would require millions of participants rather than hundreds or thousands. I think it would require marches down affluent neighborhoods and boycotts of all imported materials and services. Everyone would have to be involved and very, VERY boisterous. It would require voting out all incumbent politicians with a groundswell of demand for term limits and corporate and political accountability. There are so many things in need of overhaul that it appears impossible to affect meaningful change. The wealthy, our supposed governmental representatives and corporations should be held to the fire. All tax loopholes must be sealed and an equitable tax system (probably a flat tax) must replace the IRS. There seems to be enough money in the system for the country to get out of debt but those in power haven't done anything because their interest lies within their own wallets…not ours.

Until there are throngs of American citizens marching in front of the homes of every corporate thief and corrupt politician…until those throngs are shouting out the injustices of American life…until those throngs are carrying pitchforks and burning effigies…until there is real, substantial near-violence displayed by the masses…there will be no change. No real change. Oh, there may be subtle compromises made. There may be hints of change splattered all over the airwaves. But there will be no real improvement in Fall City, on Wall Street, in Washington or anywhere else. “Occupy” is not enough. Maybe “Assert” or maybe “Take Over” but not just “Occupy”.

As a minor aside, I must makes no sense to me that anyone who is not independently wealthy could be so blind as to support even the tiniest fraction of the Republican, conservative agenda. To support such folly is to cast oneself into the fires of Hell.

Anyway, that’s how it looks from where I sit in this little town.

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