Friday, March 16, 2012

Duke Loses!

I must say I'm just an occasional college basketball fan. My local teams ( the Washington Huskies), the Washington State Cougars and Gonzaga...they're not up there with the elite teams. However, the most important thing to me and probably MILLIONS of others is...Duke lost (!) in the first round of the Lehigh ???...Lehigh????? I just can't stand how wonderful it is to get Duke out of there. I'm sick to death of seeing the same people (mainly the coaches) year in and year out. Personally, I can't stand seeing or hearing Duke's coach (who reminds me of an aardvark's butt). I don't like looking at him. I'm so pleased to see them lose! (Mind you, I do feel for the individual players who've just had their season end. These guys give everything they have...but someone has to win...and someone has to lose each game.) 
This is a wonderful thing...Duke losing. With Duke losing, everyone else wins! 
I don't care what else happens. With Duke losing, I'm satisfied.

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