Sunday, March 11, 2012


I realize this may seem to be an utterly foolish and simplistic idea...but I've been proposing this concept for more than twelve years now and have not heard a single, more sensible explanation to the nature of gravity. Specifically, gravity is a pressing force rather than a pulling force. It is likely  the omnipresent dark matter of the universe creating what we call gravity. The same force binding sub-atomic particles together also acts upon larger, more permeable, celestial bodies, holding them together.

Yes, it's simple and by no means, am I capable of explaining, mathematically, how this works but there really is no other viable explanation.

The dark matter permeates everything except the most dense, sub-atomic particles which, apparently, are the only true bits of actual matter, as we know it. Celestial bodies are considerably less dense (of course) than, say, protons and, as such are comprised of more dark matter than actual matter. The force that holds our solar system together is the same force that binds each, individual atom. It is, indeed simple. 

I would like the physics department of ANY university to take up the challenge to prove my theory. To begin, study the gravitational force at the leading verses the trailing edge of the earth. My own experiments indicate there is greater force at the leading edge, implying the earth is moving through "something". Initially, I only guessed that it may be the dark matter of the universe and left open the possibility that there might be something else out there. I'm willing to accept that it's dark matter but precious little is known about that, anyway.

In any case, back to the physics department...accurately measure weight throughout each day and provide concrete evidence that there is greater weight at the leading edge than the trailing edge of the earth. I did this in my kitchen and determined there is a .6% to 1.1% increase in weight at the leading edge...meaning we're plowing ahead through something. This "something" is that darn dark matter!

Okay, even if no university is willing to think outside the box...perhaps there's a rogue scientist or physicist out there with an open mind. Perhaps a PHD candidate might choose this for a final dissertation. Think of the possibilities! Someone! (I just want validation before I slip into the next world.)

A brief scan through this blog should lead one to my earlier, more rambling post about this subject.

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