Monday, May 21, 2012


I did not attend the Moore Theater production. However, the Auburn production was spectacular. I spoke with Cecilia Angell and she seemed pleased to have received a "standing O" at the Moore. Gino Lucchetti is supremely gifted and Grace Eun is a gift to us all. Lyric Opera Northwest has consistently exceeded all expectations in staging, preparation, execution and shear musical beauty! It's a shame they haven't been producing an opera-a-month!

Oh...the orchestra was superb!

The reason I did not attend the Moore event was because I did not receive my ticket as indicated (I think) on the web-site. In response to the comment that on-line ticket purchases are available at "will-call"...I know better. I was not included at "will-call" in Auburn and probably was not at the Moore either even though my debit card had been charged almost two weeks prior. This is a small, management glitch that can easily be remedied in the future.

All that aside, two things...

In the Northwest, one can expect Lyric Opera Northwest performances to be just this side of Seattle Opera and...

I have no clue how this "meet-up" thing is supposed to work. I was tempted to tap everyone on the shoulder and ask, "Are you with the 'meet-up'? Are you one of 'us' ? Instead, I sat next to the photographer and savored the entire performance with no idea who else may be wandering and wondering how this 'meet-up' functions. Indeed! I know some performers...and performances...but I brought my appreciation, my experiences and my opinions home, unexpressed.

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