Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mariners baseball

So...I admit I haven't played baseball since long before most of my millions of readers were born. However, I was listening to the Mariners game on the radio...Dave Valley was talking about the previous game against the Tampa Bay seems both teams had their best pitchers in that game and Dave Valley was explaining why there had been so many bunt attempts by both teams. "In a game like that, runs are at a premium", he said. question is...if bunting provides an improved chance to score runs, why only increase bunt attempts when the teams aces are on the mound? Runs are always at a premium...not just in tight games. It's downright silly to have all these overpaid guys go up to the plate and swing madly. Let's all bunt! As a minor aside (concerning Dave Valley)...I have a distinct recollection, seeing him up to bat (on TV) against the Red Sox...2 outs, 9th inning, runner at third, down a run, 2 strikes...Dave Valley looked like he swung the bat with all the force within his entire being...he was trying to blast the ball into oblivion, spun himself all the way around...strike 3! Mariners lose! Where was the bunt then, Dave? Where was the contact hitting? That last run was at a premium too but Mr Valley seemed to think he was Mr October that day. That was the day I gave up hope for Dave Valley.
Next thing...why in the world is Figgins still in the lineup for the Mariners? Why? On the radio, also, there seems to be some hope that Carp's return will help the can that be? He couldn't even hit in Tacoma!
As a follow-up...Carp and Figgins just made the last 2 outs against Tampa Bay. Carp is hitting zero and Figgins went 0 for 5 with 3 strike-outs and is under 200 now.

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