Monday, June 18, 2012

I can't stand Ron Fairly...and Dave Sims

I can't stand it! Ron Fairly is just too boring and I'd appreciate it if the Mariners kept him off the air.
Uh...I apologize for the headline...I have nothing against Ron Fairly, personally. In fact, he's probably a wonderful man. It's just that his radio broadcasts are far below par...even for the Seattle area! (I also have to add that I do appreciate hearing many of his stories of long as he has nothing to say about any game in progress.)

Oh! Did I mention that I think Mike Blowers has an excessively nasally voice? It's not pleasant listening to him.

I might as well add Dave Sims to the list of sports announcers I'd rather never hear again. His choppy, incomplete sentences are often difficult to understand.

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