Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fall City Bistro

Okay. The Other Place is long gone. The Fall City Diner is dead. The Fall City Grill has faded away. In comes the Fall City Bistro! I have such great hopes for this place! They say they'll be baking their own bread and using locally grown food. I just hope they don't price themselves out of this market!

I did have a look at their menu online and now I'm a little concerned about the viability of the Fall City Bistro. Indeed, the menu is great and the pricing is good. I hope I'm wrong about this but it just seems too upscale...for Fall City. We'll see. Oh...aside from a few spelling errors in the menu...I do recall that they intend to serve locally grown food. It seems that genuine Kobe beef is not available in this country, although there are suppliers who do market their product as Kobe beef.


  1. I met the new owners and it's very promising. Can't wait for Fall City Bistro to open.
    -cindy parks

  2. I just came from the Fall City Bistro where my husband and I had their Saturday Brunch for $12.95. They had quite the selection, both traditional and non-traditional, and it was all very good. They also had breakfast specials for $6 - $8 for those who were not up for a full brunch. I do need to mention that the one thing that was mediocre was the coffee, but I'm going to assume that even the best of places can have an off pot of coffee on occasion and give it another try next time. It was way to strong for me, but it might just be some customers ideal brew.

    I love the Classic Movies decor with the tufted red leather booths and tables with sturdy upholstered chairs, red table clothes and black accents. Heavy red curtains hang in the doorways to give it more of the theater feel. Classic movies were playing on the flat screen (no sound)and we were intrigued with trying to guess who the actors were. I hate to get the music style wrong, but it sounded like a mix of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin type of music, but it could have been older.

    The service was very friendly and attentive, but not overly so. The waitresses were there when you needed them, but not hovering. We had a wonderful brunch in a relaxing, unique atmosphere.

    I hope the owners are able to dress up the outside a bit more to match the inside, including more of the classic movie marquee look and also paving the parking lot. None of these things will alter the taste and quality of the food, but will be more appealing and entice people to stop. I think we've all been guilty of judging a business by its outer appearance, but because we want to give a local business a fair chance we go anyway. We were very surprised when we walked in the front door - you just don't expect how nice it will be inside.

    I came right home and pulled up their webpage and checked out the full menu. I know for sure I'll be stopping this week for their smoked salmon chowder and focaccia. I hope everyone gives them a chance and stops by to greet our new neighbors.