Monday, October 22, 2012

Wrong-Way-Romney US politics in Fall City

I live in a little house near the end of a dead-end road in Fall City, WA. Very little ever happens here and the bigger news of the world has little effect in my home. However, there’s a presidential election coming up and I’m completely at a loss to understand it. President Obama managed to pass the opening volley in this country for a decent health care system. Granted, it was less than he originally intended but far more than we’ve ever had before. He (President Obama) inherited two wars (Iraq and Afghanistan) from hs predecessor, George Bush. He also inherited a collapsed economy brought on mostly  by the Republicans’ elimination of financial control of Big Business and Wall Street. The initial corporate bailouts were made before Obama took office and he continued with some of those efforts in order to get us all back on our foot. With the wars, he wound down the incredibly stupid war in Iraq and tried to step up the effort in Afghanistan with the idea we might actually win. (That was an ill-fated, foolish move but he had not started the war and it was not his war to begin with!)

Now we have this guy, Romney. He’s a deacon in the Mormon Church. This must be a joke! The Mormon Church seems to be based on such extreme folly that it’s amazing that any intelligent being could grow up, achieve some form of education and NOT realize what a farce Mormonism really is. He’s filthy rich and keeps his money hidden offshore to avoid taxes. He refuses to release his tax returns. He probably has never really WORKED a day in his life! He supports suppression of women’s rights, gay rights, increases in taxes for the poor and middle class, decreases in Social Security benefits, increases in Medicare premiums…etc. He is not American. I want him gone.

Back to me…I collect Social Security and my medical care is covered by Medicare. Romney’s platform would force me to sell my house. He is certainly NOT an American. I want him gone.
Suddenly, politics have reached out to me, personally.

Aside from the political allies, relatives, corporate cronies and all those elites who would gain additional fortunes with a Romney presidency…no one in their right mind should ever cast a ballot for this slime!
What is wrong with Americans?  Are they really that stupid! For the typical voter, a vote for Romney is A VOTE AGAINST YOURSELF1

I do understand that many people are against abortion and gay rights but all those people have to do is take care of their own business. They don’t have to impose their will on the rest of us. Romney pushes for “smaller government”. Is it a smaller government that inserts itself in every household? No.
Having this racist guy, Romney, as President…is un-American….and I just don’t understand how anyone would ever even give the slightest consideration to such a scum-bag for President.

Being old, I’ve lived through many Presidential elections. I confess…I even voted for Nixon once! However, I’ve never been so directly involved! Get the corporate, war-mongering, tax-evading elitists out of there!

That’s how it looks from where I sit here in Fall City. 

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