Thursday, October 25, 2012

Garbage Day, Wrong-Way-Romney

It seems I live week-to-week on the “garbage" schedule! It’s really pathetic, I think. Garbage pickup is on Wednesday at my little house and Wednesdays are the only days that I take note of. I don’t recognize any difference between weekdays and weekends. All there is…is Wednesday. Time to take out the garbage.

I live from “garbage day” to “garbage day” with no consideration of any other time of any week. That’s what happens when a person gets old!

My fleeting interest and horror concerning the Presidential election takes second to the real demand of Wednesday (garbage day). While I’m sick over the possibility that the Republican (Romney) and his whack-job sidekick could take office and undermine some of the extremely important gains made by Obama (health care, ending the mess in Iraq) and other Republicans across the country could retain their strangle-hold of Congress, thereby throwing all the average Americans under the bus to maintain their personal agendas of making the rich, richer…in the end for me…garbage day is what I focus on.

I sincerely hope that there aren't too many ignorant American voters so Deacon Willard Mitt Romney can be sent out to pasture. In fact, it would be nice if he can be held fiscally accountable for his tax-evasive maneuvers and the whack-job guy can be sent packing along with him. These people are in it for the power and the money. They seem to be racists, sexists and religious fanatics. How can that possibly be the right choice for this country?

Anyway, garbage day is looming!

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