Thursday, July 11, 2013

Seattle Mariners just plain stink!

So...the Mariners are more than ten games below 500. They just blew a 5-run lead and managed to find that inevitable loss...again. I don't mind if the catcher hits down near 200. It's not even such a tragedy if the shortstop (and second baseman) hit near 200. However, the outfielders, first-baseman and DH should all be able to hit. If they can't hit they should stay on the bench. Saunders and Ackley can't hit. The Mariners actually put in a pinch-hitter (Bay) with a 215 average to hit for a guy with about the same average! (The last two batters struck out (one, looking). This team is pitiful! Okay, there are a couple of good pitchers and Raul! Other than that, it looks like the team doesn't really care. Even so...they're paying everyone millions! It's sick.

Changes have to be made in the organization so someone at the top can recognize talent. Also, it certainly seems that they need a new hitting coach. the news...there's talk of the upcoming trade deadline. What a great opportunity for the Mariners to take a big step backward and get rid of Ibanez and anyone else who's shown a speck of value to the team! I think the entire coaching, office and management staff should go home and stay there. I could do a better job with my eye closed!

It's not that the Mariners don't have the money (so it seems) to field a good team. It's more that they don't have proper management. Heck's bells! You don't have to look too deeply to see how many great Mariners moved on...Griffey...A-Rod...Randy Johnson...more than I can mention. We, in Seattle, get the final year of some aging guy like Gaylord Perry ( ! ) and the Mariners make it out to be a really big deal! What a freeking crock!

One last, relatively minor drives me totally nuts to keep trading players. If a guy is on a team...keep him there. Let's develop some loyalty and if a player needs to him...teach him. Stop this nonsense of continuous roster change. I'd rather see every team with only locally grown players competing.

Oh...I hate having a DH. It's stupid and un-baseball. I also hate inter-league play.

Update...I just read that there are 5 ex-Mariners playing in this year's All-Star game! What a poorly run organization!

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