Saturday, December 21, 2013


Good bye Leech! You managed to keep the Cougs away from a bowl win! Go away and stay away, Leech! I suggest you turn down your  last paycheck. I suggest you just go away and stay away. You don't belong here. We'd rather have a freeking watermelon as coach. Go away! Even with my grandson's football team, the guys know when to completely ignore a stupid play from the coach! What's wrong with the Cougs? Why not just "take a knee a few times and win the game!? Okay...maybe a watermelon may not be much of a coach. Perhaps a potato would be better. Anything but a freeking Leech! Fire Leach now. He just threw away a bowl win.

Additionally, since I don't have television, I listen to the radio. I the Cougars' announcer going senile?  Forget ( for the moment) that he has an awful voice...what matters is that he completely screwed up far too many calls, It's like he has no clue what's going on. It's time for a new radio voice. Sure, he's instantly recognizable as the voice of the Cougs but he just...he just is past his prime. I think that guy should pack up with the Leech guy and go away. He's eighty-four!!!!??? Listening to him, it's like he doesn't know what end of a straw to suck on. Send him away...I'm embarrassed by him.

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