Monday, July 21, 2014

014 Mariners

Okay, the Mariners seem to be in some kind of Wild Card race...

So...having a look at the team...they have a guy (Cory Hart) hitting DH today with an average of 210

They have this guy (Smoak) hitting 209.

Ackley has somehow managed to get all the way up to 231!

If the Mariners want to get in any kind of playoff situation those three guys have to be gone.

My chickens in the field can hit as well as those three (millionaire) losers.

Don't mess with the pitching...they're great.

Get rid of the guys that can't hit and replace them with chickens or Sumo wrestlers or female tennis players...anything!

Keep ALL the minor league prospects and get rid of the dead wood. Don't make a stupid trade to pick up some fake-ass hitter or pitcher. The team is great, as is, without those few losers.

As far as the "losers" go...if the team can't unload them or send them down...they should just stay home. (For  a hundred dollars a year, I could do  as well as these guys,,,but I'd rather have a winning team.)

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