Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MLB All-Star Game

I'm listening to the radio broadcast. I definitely DON'T like the announcers. Actually, the second guy is good but I sure don't like the main guy. It just reminds me how fortunate I am to live in the Seattle area. The main guy on the radio says, "Top seven, bottom six, NL, AL", continually  shortening terms. These guys are on the freeking radio! They can fill all kinds of air space with real data. If they were to cut back on language details but give us some other interesting information...that might be okay...but they don't. I have no clue what the weather is or what ever else is going on at the site. I'm happy to have Rick Rizzs and...and what's--his name. Together, they're great.


  1. Fix your TV and watch with the sound off. Or, listen to the radio with the sound off while reading the newspaper coverage of yesterday's game.

  2. Tiger Red,
    Who are you (that you claim to know my dog)? Anyhow-way, my television is not broken. I just have very little access without cable (only a floppy antenna on the roof). I receive just a few stations and don't really bother turning on the set very often. As such, I'm stuck with radio and computer updates. Indeed, I do buy a newspaper every day.