Saturday, May 9, 2015

Good Neighbors...update

So...there was a water main break next door. I drove over there in my tractor to investigate, The neighbor guy comes over and asks me if it would be okay if he cuts the TALL grass in front of my fence. I tell him I ran out of money a long time weed-eater doesn;t work, the lawnmower is broken, and the roto-tiller don't start...everything I have is broken and I can't afford to fix anything. (This is the same neighbor who helped me fix my wind-downed fence...Good Neighbors Make Good Fences. ) I tell him it would be fine if he wants to cut the tall grass in front of my house...

So...I wake up from my first nap of the day and go outside to have a look at the Sunday crossword puzzle. I hear a machine out front and go out to have a look. There's a ten-year-old boy operating a weed-eater in my front yard. I have a brief chat with him and he says, "I can cut around  your mailbox if you like." I tell him to come have a lawn is completely is overgrown, the gardens are toast and everything is broken. The young neighbor boy goes back to work...on MY front yard.

I have no idea whatever may have created such wonderful people but...I am thankful and humbled. There really are some good people in the world.


Alas! The young boy didn't know. He had asked me if he should cut around my mailbox. "Sure", I say.

My mailbox is in the middle of a small, enclosed garden with six, wild rose plants of differing colored blooms. They flower all spring, summer and fall. They're beautiful! Well, not any more. They've all been cut down to ground level. I planted all those roses about fifteen years ago and, some years, that's the only area of my gardens that I take care of.

The lad didn't know. I didn't tell him.

The other, more traditional, rose bushes I have in various places around the property grow to fruition every year no matter how much (or when) I trim them back. I'm keeping my finger crossed that the beautiful flowers in the little garden where my mailbox stands awkwardly by the street will rebound and I can dry the tears of potential loss.

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