Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Duplex

So...I own this duplex in Yakima, WA. After more than two years, yesterday, I finally gets an offer from a potential buyer. It was a VERY low offer but I submitted a counter offer. The realtor says they want to sleep on my counter and I tells her I'd rather sleep on a feather bed. So's along comes this morning and I sends another email to my realtor, "So I gets up this morning and goes in the kitchen to make coffee...and right there, plain as day, was an old guy sleeping on my counter! All's I could do was work around him and leave him be." Hopefully, he'll wake up and realize I have a great counter. Almost everything I have is broken...the car, holes in the front porch, lawnmower (grass is out of hand), weed-eater (grass is out of hand), roto-tiller, chairs, etc., etc. I'd be able to fix everything if this old guy comes to his senses and recognizes a great counter when he sleeps on it!

Follow-up...The prospective buyer comes back with a counter-counter that was nearly pennies above the initial offer. I tells my realtor if they expect me to counter-counter-counter, the price goes WAY up instead of finding a compromise. I laughs and says the prospective buyer should go back to robbing stagecoaches rather than trying to steal from me. They calls back later in the day. The buyer's realtor wants to know I'd settle at $4,000 less than my initial counter offer. I ignores the question so far.

This is a property with rents below market and provides an excellent return-on-investmental ready. (Why sell? It's too far away and I can't take proper care of the place. Also, I need the money!)

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