Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump a genius???

Christie and Giuliani are calling Trump a genius for avoiding paying taxes for as much as 18 years! What kind of genius does it take to lose $916,000,000 in one year? How many other years did Trump's "genius" cost him untold millions?

Why doesn't Trump release his taxes, school records and health records? Could it really be that he has a lot to hide and just wants to "wait it out" and hope no one notices what a sleaze he is?

Would average Americans be geniuses if they didn't pay their fair share of taxes too?

Besides, Trump probably has nothing to do with his taxes. That chore would fall upon his legions of he would not qualify  as genius...maybe his acountants, eh?

Why is Trump not in the news every day for his upcoming rape (of a thirteeen=year-old girl) trial? How does he avoid constant media attention for all the accusations of sexual misconduct? Just because he denies it all is not enough reason to give him a pass. Hillary's campaign should be all over him for the rape charge! What are they waiting for?

We might as well vote in Jed Clampett.

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