Saturday, November 19, 2016

Electoral College...Do the right thing!

I have always challenged the sense of having the Electoral College as the group choosing the President of the United States. It seems it was initially instituted because the only voters (white male landowners) were considered sufficiently uneducated to make a proper decision for President. It was required to have the few Electors make the choice, based on their own experience. of the country and the world.

Now! Now I realize it was wrong of me. These people (the Electors) can alter their allegiances to state guidelines and vote in the most qualified candidate for President. That's why the Electors are there! They can (and should) toss Trump aside...especially considering the raft of morons that Trump has slated for government positions.

I urge the Electors to do the right thing and put Hillary Clinton in the White House! She won the popular vote and the Electors should use their common sense when voting. Trump is a failed businessman and buffoon.... He has no experience or knowledge of government or the world, he's a bigot, a sexist, etc, etc.

Sure, it would be a difficult change but it would be temporary and must be done!

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