Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall City Floods

In Fall City, life revolves around floods and wondering what goes on in the world outside these confines. As such, I intend to provide my own views, as developed in this narrow slice of the world. In addition, I intend to offer several, additional, unrelated asides. One concerns my own, unique theory of the nature of gravity, especially in context with the rest of our universe. Another is more closely related to my own little corner of the world. I've been accumulating a series of "Flood Stories" for which I'm still in the process of creating imagery. When complete, I hope to peddle these printed wares through this site in an attempt to offset the time and money I've already spent in the process. Additionally, I sing. I intend to peddle my own recordings through this site as well. For those willing to put up $10 to $15 in advance to receive copies of my "Flood Stories", let me know. Currently, it's a graphic novel with eleven stories, numerous "cartooned" images and numbering about 116 pages. I do color and I do printing. It's a high-quality effort!

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