Monday, September 27, 2010

Washington State Income Tax

It's a challenge, getting ramped up for this blogging effort. The rains have already been increasing and the winter looks bleak. I fear I'll have to head out to Nordstrom or REI to gear up for the upcoming, miserable winter. My boat is at the ready for use in flood-escape work. I do need to stock up on firewood, water, food and wine for the inevitable, lengthy isolation from floods and/or snow, wind etc.

In the meantime, there's an election looming. Here in Washington, I have the feeling that keeping Patty Murray in the Senate is job number one.'s really job number two. More important would be to have an overwhelming acceptance of the sales-tax initiative on the ballot. That's the only fair way to tax us overburdened citizens and garner additional income for the state.

At the same time, I believe the state has been failing miserably with K-12 education. It is mandated in the state's constitution as the highest priority. Along with educating children, the state is mandated to fund education for teachers' colleges and trade schools. That's it! All of that comes ahead of all other educational expenses such as other colleges and universities. Students attending colleges and universities are NOT children. They are adults and the expense of their higher education should not be borne by taxpayers, unless they happen to be attending teachers' colleges or trade schools.

I would like Governor Gregoire to take an active, public stand in favor of establishing a state income tax.

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