Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Once again, the American people have taken a stand where only they can occupy so well. They have voted against themselves and their own best interests by choosing the Republicans and the "Tea Party" group of same. In my state (Washington), the people voted down the income tax initiative which would have improved the taxable status of at least 95% of individuals. They voted down both initiatives to force the state out of the liquor sales business. At the same time, the very same people seem to have been blinded by the Republican mantra of "smaller government", yet they support having the government in the liquor business and they insist the government should decide whether a woman should maintain an unwanted pregnancy. The government will not become smaller no matter what the voters choose. The same number of representatives will still be soaking up taxpayer dollars, the same number of Federal employees will continue to bleed the American taxpayer for retirement and other benefits that are not avaiable to the private sector. American voters are ignorant. They claim the Health Care program initiated by Obama should be repealed. Hells bells! It's taken nearly forever to get anything at all on the books! Leave it there and improve it...not remove it! American voters are a good representation of Americans in general...uneducated, un-informed, biased, bigotted and ignorant. I'm sorry to have been born here. With any good fortune, this setback may just be temporary. It's a good thing to have experinced it at the mid-point of Obama's administration because the pendulum just keeps on two years...who knows? I imagine there will be a remarkable improvement in the economy by then and the Corporate, war-mongering Republican liars can be sent packing...again. (One can dream, eh?)

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