Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm thinking...if people were not brainwashed and indoctrinated in varying religious beliefs as children, there would be a lot more peace on Earth. When learning almost all other things in life, it's much later that the information is acquired. There's an opportunity to evaluate data and make sensible choices based on real facts as opposed to having a well-developed mental system of faith based on nothing at all. When illogical, indefensible theories and beliefs are instilled at such a young age, there's a built-in, knee jerk reaction as a result. There's no factual basis for belief in any religion. Think about it? Mormonism? C'mon! All the silly, microscopic differences in Muslim sects? Christians believing in divergent tenets? Jews thinking Christians are just plain wrong? They're all the same. People should be learning about these things after they're old enough to make rational, individual decisions and judgments. There have been far too many wars and conflicts of all kinds based solely on religious stances. The world, with an ever-growing, unsustainable population is split on silly religious lines. That's downright stupid! It should be universally illegal to cram any religious belief in anyone...especially the most susceptible...children. We're all the same and we all should have equal opportunities to achieve success in all areas of life. Religion, and the indoctrination of youth, is the greatest bane to human existence.

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