Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fall City Snow

Snow and cold. Cold and snow. Even though this little town is at a low elevation and receives far less snow than other areas nearby, it's still coming down and is expected to continue for several more days. I've had it up to here and I'm not going to take it anymore. I think I might get a bonfire going in the yard. That may warm up the lowlands and turn the blasted white stuff into harmless rain. Of course, there's nothing else going on around here except...I was watching two cormorants swimming in the pond across the street. Just a few weeks a go, there were three but one of my neighbors shot the third, less than 150' from where I sat on my deck. Cormorants may or may not be protected from hunters. I don't know. I've read the state hunting regulations and searched through the internet. It just isn't clear if people are allowed to kill cormorants. Most recently, I sent an email to the state wildlife agency, asking about this. (I haven't received a reply yet.) However, I do know that firing off a couple of shotgun blasts within 150' of my house just must be wrong, eh?

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