Wednesday, February 23, 2011


If Gadhafi really did order the Lockerbie bombing...isn't that an act of war? Where's the American and British outrage? Where's the retaliation? We seem to have such different standards in so many areas of the world. We turn our heads on the brutality of some while we bomb the living daylights out of others. These shitball countries are all the same. They exploit their own citizens and crush the life right out of women. What of Saudi Arabia? Where is American outrage there? What of Israel crushing anyone who looks cross-eyed at them? We have different standards, depending on what's in it for us (by that, I mean our own politicians and business interests). Let's just maintain an even keel for once and see where that leads us, eh? Besides, doesn't anyone remember the United States Marine hymn? " the shores of Tripoli..." Where are all the American Marines now? 

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