Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Revolution in the US?

Where is the hue and cry from American citizens? Why is there no economic or meaningful, political revolution here? It seems to be working elsewhere. Aren't Americans weary of handing over billions of tax dollars to other countries? Aren't we sick and tired of instigating and maintaining unnecessary wars which were started by us under false pretenses, more with an interest in oil and pipelines than anything else? Where is our revolution? We have a broken economy and a corrupt political system. Let's start by limiting terms for elected officials. It should be a responsibility, not a career to work in government. There should be no free retirement ride, no superior health care, no perks at all for those elected to serve us. What say we have a flat income tax, maybe 10% to 15%? There should be no tax loopholes for the filthy rich. The entire system stinks and it's time for real change...not just in false promises from's time for our own revolution.

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