Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seattle Mariners

My, oh my! The Mariners ended up on the imperfect side of a perfect game. There's something ominous about the Mariners, year in and year out. There's always the hype and hope of things to come...but it's always the same. This year, the dawg days of August arrived early. They're already in a tailspin and it's not even May yet!

That hope and's the same every year. It's like Lucy snatching the ball away every time from poor, hapless Charlie Brown. Seattle Mariner fans fall into the Charlie Brown category every year...Oh! There's a new prospect who can throw 110 MPH! There's a guy who can hit the ball out of Safeco with all of his eyes closed! Another has the speed of Superman! We're, "THIS CLOSE!"

The Mariners are not "this close". 

Olivo seems to be a journeyman minor-leaguer and should be sent down.

What say we send Figgins anywhere but here, eh?

What say we get some REAL major league players, eh?

Or...what say we just sell off the whole franchise and give up, eh? This is NOT New York or Boston. We don't have the money or baseball business sense to field a competitive team in Seattle. This is just one more year when Charlie Brown is running full speed ahead, trusting Lucy (is that who it was?) to hold the ball. We all lose again...flat on our collective backs.

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