Friday, April 12, 2013

Rick Rizzs

Rick...did I just hear you say, "the bat flied out of the hands of Shoppach"? Well...I know I did...kinda funny, eh? Flied!?

Rick...what say you get your partner, Aaron, to stop saying things like, "top two, bottom three" etc.?

That sounds just too much like California talk. I don't like it. Dave Simms does that all the time and I just turn off the radio.

It's better to say, "top of the second" and "bottom of the third", don't you think? What say we speak "Northwest" rather than "California"?

Okay...what say you convince "Bone" to get off those truck ads. He has no voice for radio and sounds downright stupid. If I were shopping for a car or truck, I'd definitely be swayed to go to the place where the guy always ends up saying, "yippee aye o kayea". (I have no idea how to properly spell that!) However, I would certainly NOT be swayed by Bone's ads!

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