Friday, April 3, 2015


So...I was reading a post on Facebook about four students contracting whooping cough, even though they had been inoculated. I gathered from the post that this was an indictment of vaccination. It's an extremely sad situation. Of course, while I'm saddened to read that anyone would contract whooping cough, this is certainly NOT the time to avoid numerous vaccinations.

When I was young, so very long ago, there were people suffering from the ravages of polio. Does anyone know why so few people have polio today? Polio vaccine! Does anyone know anyone with polio today? I think not. It's preventative vaccination.

IF you travel to a foreign country and you must get your "shots"... Do you know anyone suffering from malaria? I think not. Tetanus? Yellow fever? Diptheria?

My word! I could go on and on with examples of diseases that have been totally or virtually eliminated from the US.

Okay...about the four students suffering from whooping cough...I feel pain for the individuals and have no idea why the medication didn't take in their cases.

However, to indict vaccination, overall,  is a complete farce. When a person becomes ill, it's not a "higher power" that steps up and tends to things. It's modern medicine. Naturally, there are always advances to be made in research but the people making the efforts have devoted their entire, adult lives to studying and understanding the needs we humans have. They don't simply say we should take a pill or a shot, willy-nilly. They know. The eradication of so many diseases is hard evidence and we all have benefited as time has continued.

To eschew vaccinations is similar to declaring, "The world is Flat!"

(I'll get back to this...but it's potty time.)

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