Sunday, March 27, 2011


With radioactive fallout arriving in my area (Washington State) from Japan, I wonder if we'll ever learn anything. The dangers of radioactive contamination are so great and long-lasting, and scientists (and the rest of us) have been aware of those dangers all along. Why? Why would nuclear power ever have been approved? Why would we have developed nuclear weapons? This is all so incredibly stupid that there aren't any words to justify or explain our behavior. We don't really need all the energy supplied by nuclear reactors. We don't need all the air-conditioning, personal computers, mega-computers, brightly lit cities, electric cars or any of that. We need to face reality and adjust our lifestyles to living within our actual needs. Aside from the fact that there are already too many people in the world, those who are here now must adapt to living sensibly. 
The initial explosions in the Japan nuclear facility released small amounts of radiation. That's what's falling on us now. In fact, it's already reached Europe! Subsequent radiation releases are far greater and that's what we should expect to arrive soon. Where are the government and news media? What are the real facts? They only continue reporting traces of non-lethal radiation but, with a little extra research, it seems these reports are far from the truth. I would like to know just how much radiation is falling on me along with continuous rain today (Sunday, 3/28). 
Now it's Monday and there are reports of radiation in the water in new England. I'm beginning to think this can turn out to be a world-wide catastrophe. And...while all these little news items come out, there are no real details. The New England contamination report includes no actual location, and the fallout in my state of Washington is completely un-reported! 'm such a meaningless pawn!

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