Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Temporary Partial Blindness

So...a couple of days ago, I realized I couldn't see. Yes, I could make out larger forms, lights and colors but seeing little things such as numbers and letters on the keyboard...no way. There was an aura of bright lights that moved when I turned my head. There was no difference in either eye, with or without glasses. I splashed some water on my face and poured a glass of wine . Then I was okay again. How odd! The next day, I was trying to recall what might have triggered such an event. All that came to mind was that I had tea instead of coffee in the morning (I was out of coffee). I decided to replicate that and had the same, extremely strong black tea this morning. I fully expected to be somewhat blind as a result but...it didn't happen. I wonder if I was experiencing an odd version of petit mal (which I had the entire time I was growing up). The problem with that is that I had nocturnal petit mal...and this event occurred in the late morning hours. What to do!?

Minor update...in a continuing attempt to find the cause of my temporary blindness, I remembered two, unusual things: One, I had chicken pho the night before and, Two, just before the onset of said, temporary blindness, I was watching an Al Jazeera video about Libya. This morning, I re-watched the same video (the idea being, perhaps the video was encrypted with some mind-altering undertones.) Nope. That wasn't it, I think. Back to the drawing board, eh?

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