Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School Buses

I remember, as a smartass little kid back east, riding to school in one of those school buses, careening around corners, up and around narrow streets and hills. I remember bouncing around and having my head smashed against the cold metal ceiling. Why? Why are there no seat belts on school buses or public transportation buses? They're all death traps! Why do local school districts and governments have so little regard for the safety of their own children? Why is it okay to have public service buses rattling around every major US city with people standing and being smashed against each other and the cold metal seat railings? How can it be acceptable to have such strict demands on the auto industry and ignore buses? (Those same buses spew noxious, foul diesel fumes into the air for people like me to inhale.) I suppose it's all about money, eh? There's something very wrong with this system. As to school buses, don't Americans think their children should be transported safely? As to public transportation, don't we deserve to ride on, or in, a safe vehicle without being concerned with suffering severe injury from a minor mishap? It's all about money, eh? I don't ride on buses anymore. 

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