Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Garbage Day, Thanksgiving

Alas! It's the garbage day before Thanksgiving. There's a cold rain with occasional brightening of skies. The flood warnings issued the last few days did not come to fruition. So...including a continual rainfall...things seem to be normal here in Fall City.

I realize there's nothing to major drug home anything at all. Life is good.

My recent house-guest managed to last nearly thirty hours before I had to request his  departure.

Indeed, I've proffered similar offers of to others in other countries but none have yet accepted. (Whew!) All that is required of such house-guests is to maintain a low profile and get along (respect) others.

In any case, garbage day this week seems to be coming and going with nothing but cold rain.

However, since it is Thanksgiving tomorrow, I give thanks to the Ether that the war-mongering, elitist, Republican thieves were not elected over Obama. (Praise the Lord and pass the beer!)

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