Monday, November 5, 2012

Time is running out. NO Romney!

Last day!
Are people going to vote against themselves due to ignorance or because they’re filthy rich or religious nut-cases…for Romney and the “wacko”. Or…maybe the majority of Americans will snap back to reality and vote for Obama who will work for REAL Americans? I couldn’t believe we elected George Bush (the second)... twice! What is wrong with you people? Romney stands against everything we, Americans, stand for! While he has a wacko VP candidate, he’s wacko, himself.
A vote for Romney is a vote against all that is American. Heaven help us if you idiots vote for Romney.
If you make less than 200K per year, if you're black, hispanic, FEMALE, any minority, if you're retired or close to retirement...SO MANY PEOPLE ( ! ) a vote for Romney is a vote against yourself.
Wake up America! The Republicans are total SLEEZE! They want your money and don't give a single, flying flip about us.
Do the right thing and go out to cast your votes for Obama!
He (Obama) didn't start the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He (Obama) didn't destroy the economy. He (Obama) didn't start the government bailouts of Wall Street. Bush did all that! Wake up!

if this country is filled with so many imbeciles that romney is elected...i give up...i'm leaving

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