Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Another Garbage Day!

Things are relatively quiet here in Fall City. Tomorrow marks the first day of public-sanctioned gay marriage and marijuana use in this state. Concerning the marijuana, it's unfortunate that the state is going to spend an entire year coming up with regulations for growing. I'm ready to plant right now! In fact, I don't use the stuff but it would certainly put my little field to good (profitable) use.

Today was another garbage day. I've been thinking about garbage days...the Earth is about 234 billion garbage days old! If I were to have tossed 50 lbs of junk in the can on every garbage day that ever came around...I would have discarded about 5.85 billion tons by now. Since it happens I'm not the only person dumping garbage...just imagine how much trash may have built up in all these years! Where is it all? They just take it away and I never see it again. (By the way, it seems the garbage man must have the best job in the world because it seems he only works one day a week...garbage day.)

Of course, if one accepts the Christian belief that the Earth is 6,000 years old, then I would have to revise my "garbage day" age of Earth. That would mean the Earth is only 312,000 garbage days old and I would only have discarded 7,800 tons of trash in that time. That's still a lot of trash, especially when factoring in the same amount of junk disposed of by all the other people!

It seems to make a lot of sense to pursue space exploration. By far, the best way to get rid of all this garbage would be to simply jettison it into space. After a few billion garbage days, there could be enough junk tossed "out there" to form an entire new planet. We could have a contest to name the place, eh?

Actually, when considering what all we would be sending "out there", we should also include nuclear waste. That stuff takes so long to degrade that's it's best to just get it all off the planet right from the start. Since it might be part of the new planet formed from garbage...that would render the place, uninhabitable. Alas!

Oh! One more thing...if we were to spew out all our waste at a volume sufficient to create an entirely new planet, wouldn't that mean there would be nothing left of Earth? We would HAVE to go live somewhere else because there would be nothing left here. I think this is giving me a headache. Maybe we shouldn't have so much waste. Maybe there should be no more nuclear waste. Maybe we should just...evolve. (...just a thought on this relatively quiet day in Fall City.)

Any other suggestions?

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