Sunday, December 30, 2012

Pay Raises for Congress!

I think President Obama has already gone over the fiscal cliff!

 How can it possibly be acceptable to all of us, struggling to make ends meet, to increase the salary of the very people who have done so little (perhaps nothing) to earn any pay at all!? This is grossly unjust. People in Congress should consider it a privilege and a responsibility to represent the American people. In fact, they should receive no salary at all...only enough to offset their necessary expenses. Working in Congress should never be considered a career...and there should be NO Career Politicians! There should be term limits for both houses (say, 1 term for the Senate and 2 terms for the House).

I have no idea what the Vice President does but it seems he has not earned a penny. A raise? No way! All of them should have their wages reduced or eliminated...not increased. This is all total bull!

While I'm at it, concerning term limits...the Supreme Court Justices should also have a term limit (say, 10 years). Also, the President should be limited to one term (say, 6 years).

Our government needs a serious makeover and this two-party system doesn't work for The People. Corporations are not people and do not deserve the same rights as a single American citizen. Financial institutions and insurance conglomerates are out of control. We deserve affordable health care, educational opportunity, a secure nation, responsible representatives, government accountability, etc. We do not deserve the current state of affairs. It's time for real change.

This is insane!

Stop handing out our hard-earned taxes to other countries. Stop arming the world. Do not start any more wars! Stop building roads and bridges everywhere but here! Close the tax loopholes that allow the filthy rich and corporations to avoid taxes. What say we institute a nationwide flat tax to go along with term limits!? What say we make thieving politicians accountable?

I want change!

Career politicians are the scum of the earth.

That's how it looks from my little house in Fall City and I suspect it looks the same from every other town in the country. Of course, I fully expect every so-called conservative to take an opposite stand. They seem to be narrow-minded, racist, religious fanatics with no sense of reality. I do pity them.

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