Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jack Ramsey

My word. I seldom listen to pro basketball broadcasts but the radio is on right now. There was just a brief interview with Jack Ramsey. Holy crap! Even though he's always been extremely boring, now he sounds addled. They pay him for this!!!??? There are far too many announcers who should stay home! Jack Ramsey is one of those.

Don't the big-ass media moguls care at all what the listeners think of these olde morons? Get rid of all the soprano-sounding dipsticks and all the olde coots! Generally, I just turn off the broadcast when I hear them...also, those with speech impediments...there are lots of them! I just can't take it...and I don't. Don't the advertisers putting up the money have any say in these matters? If people like me tune out due to such poor delivery, don't they care that we just...tune out?

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