Friday, March 8, 2013

Seattle Sports Radio

So…I turn on the local sports-radio show. It’s KIRO...or ESPN...or whatever they call it these days. The two guys at the station are interviewing someone about the Seahawks', Richard Sherman. The guy they’re interviewing is Tony Ventrella! Tony Ventrella is just another sports reporter! He’s nobody! (I ran across him in a grocery store once and found him to be a self-centered, arrogant ass-wipe. I have no interest in his opinion about anything!) Why in the world would anyone consider him to be an authority about anything? He’s not an athlete and did not play for the Seahawks or any other professional sports team. Broadcasters interviewing broadcasters…what a freeking joke! I've been pleased to have not heard or seen Tony Ventrella for many years and I have no interest in hearing his opinion...about anything...ever.

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