Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Mariners Announcer Guy

Okay...I've listened to a few pre-season games and, in general, I'm pleased with the new guy.

However, I must say, when I hear, "top six" instead of, "the the top of the sixth", I cringe and writhe in pain. Those "top six" and "bottom seven-type" terms make me feel like I'm in Southern California. (That's not a good place to be for a person in the Northwest. Really! Why shorten the term like that? It's not like there's such a limit on microphone time!) It's similar to calling I-5, "the five" and I-90, "the ninety". It's just plain wrong for this area!

Mr. New Announcer, please lose those terms now and remember you're in Washington...and we don't like anything to do with California!

I know I've commented on this before but even though it took me a long time to swaddle Rick Rizzs and even Dave Niehaus...they both grew on me. I just never EVER want to hear, "kerplunk" from Mr. Rizzs again.

I don't mind spending my money to support my local teams but it would be great if they supported us too.

As an aside, I was so ( ! ) distraught when Evening Magazine got rid of the local people that made me feel at home and hired that ass-wipe. I don't like him. I've seen him at events. He's an arrogant ass-wipe from Denver ( ? ) and I"d be happy to see him...gone. We have a unique place and culture here in the northwest and we should cherish it without diluting it all with ass-wipes from afar.

I'll get back to this. However, I have to go out and milk the yaks.

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