Friday, March 8, 2013

Note to Aaron Goldsmith

Okay Aaron...Don't say, "top three". Say, "top of the third". Don't say, "the five". Say, "I-five". Get it?
Seattle is not part of California! I didn't like  Dave Simms (partly due to his incredibly boring delivery and partly due to his "top three" type of reporting). Aaron...don't be another boring Dave Simms. You're close to what we need in the northwest but not quite there yet. Also...I appreciate hearing what else is going on during a's the weather, what are the people in the stands doing, what is going on in the dugout, etc.? Is the infield in good shape? Is the umpire calling the game accurately? Tell me what's really happening because I'm not there. What's the weather like? Is somebody limping?

I don't want to hear any Vin Scully kind of thing...Many years ago, there was a streaker, running across the field at Chavez Ravine...Scully refused to even mention it! I want to hear everything going on in a game!

Mr. Goldsmith...I appreciate your Spring Training broadcasts so far but I'd be happy if you can take the next step. While Scully seems to have thought he was "painting a picture" did's important to really do it. The next step is to REALLY paint a picture (unlike Scully and Niehaus). Look around during the game and tell us everything! more, "top three" okay?

Also...I'm anxious to see how it goes when there are "color guys" included in the broadcasts. I don't ever want to hear Ron Fairly or Mike Blowers but I definitely like hearing Dave Henderson, Griffey and Dan Wilson (among a few others). Don't ever let Griffey (Sr) on the air...ever! If you can get Alvin Davis...great! There are others but they never seem to make it on-air.

I listen to almost every Mariners' game on the radio (with limited TV coverage here) and don't mind spending my own (limited) funds to help the team. I just want to receive information during each broadcasted game in a professional manner.

So...Mr. Goldsmith...button up a few issues and you'll rise to the top. (Shit floats). Just kidding...the cream rises to the top, too.

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